1. What type of interface does your tester use ?
    It uses 64-pins flat cables to link between tester and the fixture.
  2. What type of display unit does your tester use ?
    The display unit for UT8080 series is LCD.
    The display unit for UT6500 series is LCD or monitor.
  3. What is your testing speed ?
    The test speed for UT8080 series is 27000 ~ 40960 points per second.
    The test speed for UT6500 series is 1000 test points per second.
  4. What are the main functionality does your tester provide ?
    1. Short wire-end detection
    2. Open wire-end detection
    3. Intermittence Open/Short wire-end detection
    4. High voltage Insolation test
    5. Low continuity test
    6. Single-end cable test
  5. What is the maximum test voltage for UT6500 series ?
    The maximum test voltage is 1000V DC.
  6. What is the maximum Isolation resistance for UT6500 series ?
    The maximum isolation resistance is 1000M.
  7. What is the maximum test points for your tester ?
    The maximum test points for UT8080 series is 512 points.
    The maximum test points for UT6500 series is 1024 points.
  8. Is there any statistical data printout for your tester ?
    Yes, there is.

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